Newport City Homes Tower Blocks

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Newport City Homes Tower Blocks


Some weeks ago it was reported that three tower blocks owned by Newport City Homes had failed initial safety tests on the cladding on the exterior of these buildings.

The tower blocks at the Gaer, St Julians and Ringland have since taken part in more tests which involved all elements of the cladding system and these have failed although no tower blocks in Wales have the same cladding as the Grenfell Block

The priority for Newport City Homes is to keep its residents safe and there are a number of measures being implemented


  • Installation of sprinklers
  • Introduction of 24 hour fire wardens
  • Remove and replace the cladding with one that meets or exceeds the requirements of fire safety standards


The measures below are already in operation


  • Smoke/fire alarms in each property and in communal areas
  • Fire-retardant paint in communal areas
  • Fire doors for communal areas and the front doors of individual flats
  • All flats and communal areas have been rewired
  • Cladding insulation that is fire retardant and non-combustible
  • Fire breaks installed between floors and vertically throughout the building
  • Emergency lighting on evacuation routes
  • Two stairwells that act as escape routes




If there are any residents that have any concerns regarding this issues with the blocks then Newport City Homes would encourage them to call 01633 381111 so they can try and help where they can

More information can also be found on their website

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