Maisey’s Journey

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I like listening to music especially grime, hiphop because its really all i listen to because i was brought up on it and always wanted to make my own songs by making my own beats and lyrics and energize radio gives me the opportunity to do this.
I always want to try new things like using the Dj decks and learn how to create beats on the computer so it sounds professional.
when I’m older i want to do something around music, like being a Dj or a producer so energize will help out a lot not only for school but for my future.

Grime music is uk rap its like American hip hop but it uses more electric beats for a “underground rave” sound it started in London but now its all over the uk.
My favourite grime artist are Skepta,JME,Stormzy and AJTracey there all from London and all do grime full time by doing shows and presenting.

Grime is always here in Newport wales with up and coming MC’s such as Murkage, Wesley,Tiny Skitz and Astroid boys Who are shutting down shows everywhere from Cardiff to Amsterdam

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