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Last week we posted up about the fantastic work done by Toby Collins on his Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Film Blog. So without further delay we have posted up for you to enjoy.

The film starts when the Rings of Power were forged and given to the three races of Middle Earth, Three were given to the elves, seven to the dwarves and nine to men, however in Mordor the Dark Lord Sauron had forged the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom to dominate all of the rings so he can control the wearers with his will. During the end of the Second age, an alliance of men and elves led by Gil-galad and Elendil have marched upon the slopes of Mount Doom to challenge Sauron. After the Dark Lord killed Elendil, Isildur had cut off Sauron’s fingers with the Ring with the broken sword of Narsil, causing the Dark Lord to lose his Physical form because he had put so much of his power into the ring. Instead of destroying the Ring, Isildur had taken it for his own, however later on he was killed by an Orc ambush and the ring was lost in the river Auduin. After over two thousand years, the ring was founded by Smeagol but after over hundreds of years with it, he was changed into a twisted creature known as Gollum, but one day the ring was found by Bilbo Baggins of The Shire during his quest to the Lonely Mountain.

Sixty years later, Bilbo Baggins is celebrating his 111th birthday in The Shire with his old friend Gandalf the Grey who brings his fireworks for the party, along with his nephew Frodo Baggins and the hobbits of The Shire. At the party everyone was celebrating and enjoying the magical fireworks on display along with Bilbo telling his journey to The Lonely Mountain to the hobbit children. However after he gave his speech to the crowd, he then mysteriously disappears. (But in reality, he puts on The One Ring to disappear.) He then sneaked out of the dumbstruck party and reappears in his home, he then prepares to go on one last adventure and leaves all of his inheritance to Frodo, but then Gandalf arrived at his home to convince Bilbo to give up the Ring as well.Gandalf then tells Frodo to hide the Ring until he comes back, he then goes to Minas Tirith in Gondor to investigate the Ring, he then returns to discover that Frodo does hold Sauron’s Ring.

Frodo suggests that they should hide the Ring and never speak of it again. However Gandalf also learnt that the creature Gollum was captured by the Orcs and has been tortured to reveal where and who holds the Ring.Then it was decided for Frodo to leave The Shire for his safety and make for The Prancing Pony in Bree, but Gandalf then finds Samwise Gamgee in a bush outside a nearby window and thought he was eavesdropping on their conversation, Gandalf decides that Sam will accompany Frodo to Bree while he rides out to Isengard. As soon as Gandalf arrives he meets with his fellow wizard Saurman the White, but finds out that Saurman is with Sauron after using the i. They had a brief fight but Saurman then imprisons Gandalf in the Tower of Orthanc.

While on their way to Bree, Frodo and Sam meet up with Pippin and Merry stealing crops in Farmer Maggot’s field and the farmer and his dogs are looking for them nearby.

After escaping his fields they quickly hid from a rider covered in black. While the rider is sensing the Ring nearby, Frodo was being lured to use the Ring, but he was stopped by Sam, while Merry threw some baggage to distract the rider away.After evading the Black Riders at Buckleberry ferry they arrive at Bree, but they find out that Gandalf is not at The Prancing Pony. When Frodo accidentally puts on the ring he sees the Eye of Sauron and reveals his presence to the Black Riders, however they were saved by a Ranger known as Strider who is a friend of Gandalf. After the Riders arrive at Bree, they enter the bedroom and attack the sleeping Hobbits. Yet unbeknown to them it was large pillows posing as Hobbits, while they slept the night in another inn.

Strider was to escort the hobbits to the Eleven city of Rivendell. On the road they arrived at the ruins of Weathertop where they make camp for the night. While Strider goes to scout the area Sam, Pippin and Merry decide to make a fire to have second breakfast, Frodo who was sleeping wakes up and finds out in horror of what his companions are doing and puts the fire out. Suddenly the Ringwraiths have arrived at the ruins and stab Frodo with a Morgul Blade, but Strider came back and warded off the Nazgul with fire. The group needed to hasten Frodo to Rivendell to get Elven medicine to treat his wound. Frodo’s wound was getting worse and it looks like that they won’t make it to Rivendell in time to save him, however Arwen an elf and Strider’s love has arrived and decides to take Frodo to Rivendell by horseback and evade the Ringwraiths. At the Ford Arwen summons a tidal wave in the form of horses to wash away the wraiths, but Frodo then suddenly blacks out.

Frodo then awakens in the eleven city of Rivendell, he then meets Gandalf at his bedside who explains that he was “delayed” after being imprisoned in Isengard, which is now turned into an Orc foundry. Gandalf explains how he escaped the Tower of Orthanc by flying on the back of a Great Eagle, which then brought him to Rivendell.Frodo is then greeted by Elrond of Rivendell who says that the tip of the blade was still within him, but they managed to save him from it. Then Elrond welcomes him to Rivendell where he meets up with Sam, Pippin and Merry along with his uncle Bilbo.

Elsewhere Gandalf and Elrond are discussing the Ring’s fate. Gandalf is concerned that Frodo should do no more as the burden is too great for him, Elrond objects as the forces of Sauron are gathering and they are targeting Rivendell. While Saruman has betrayed them and is breeding a new force of orcs within Isengard, the elves cannot face the united force of Mordor and Isengard so the Ring cannot stay in Rivendell. As all the races of Middle Earth come together to decide the Ring’s fate, Elrond questions Gandalf on who they should put their faith in, which he answers that men should bear the fate, Elrond is not convinced as men are weak because they let the Ring survive. Gandalf mentions one man who can reunite the race of men once more, however Elrond says that he turned from that path and chosen exile.

Frodo is then invited to join The Council of Elrond to meet with Legolas son of Thranduil, Gimli son of Gloin, Boromir of Gondor, Elrond, Gandalf and Strider who is revealed to be Aragorn, heir of Isildur. They came together to discuss on what to do with The One Ring, Boromir suggests to use the ring against Sauron as it was a gift from the enemy but Aragorn objects because none of them can wield the Ring. Elrond agrees because it can only be wielded by Sauron alone so it only leaves them with one option and that is to destroy it, Gimili then tries to destroy it on the pedestal with his axe but the ring shattered it on the blow. Elrond says that the ring can only be destroyed in the place in where it was created, in the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor. Boromir says that it is impossible to journey through Mordor as it is a lifeless land of ash and fire along with it guarded by battalions of orcs and it is watched by the Eye of Sauron. Then the council starts to argue over the ring until Frodo breaks the rowing council by saying that he will become the Ring-bearer and journey to Mordor to destroy the Ring. Then the other members decide to accompany him on his quest to Mordor and to form the Fellowship of the Ring.

The Fellowship is formed of Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and Boromir.Frodo then meets with Bilbo one last time for him to give Frodo his sword Sting as it will glow when orcs are near and Mithril mail that no blade can pierce it. He then sees the ring on a neck chain and tries to take it from him, but then quickly backed off because he knows how much damage it did to him.

The Fellowship departs to Mordor by crossing The Pass of Caradhras, but they were stopped by Saurman using his powers to bring the mountain down upon them. Gandalf let’s Frodo decide the route which they will take and he chose to travel through the mines of Moria. The Fellowship finds the secret door into Moria and say the secret word to enter, however when they enter they find all of the dwarves of Moria have been killed by goblins. Boromir insists that they must turn back, but they were soon attacked by The Watcher in the Water. The entrance was destroyed giving them no choice but to move forward.

After escaping into the mines they travel through the dark halls to find the tomb of Balin. While Gimili is grieving, Gandalf finds a book which describes the fate of the dwarves within the tomb. Suddenly Pippin accidentally knocks a bucket, chain and a skeleton down a well and into the dark pits of Moria, which caused the mine to be awoken by the sounds of orc war cries. The Fellowship prepares themselves to fight the orc horde along with a cave troll, but after warding off the orcs and killing the troll, they find Frodo in a corner having been stabbed by the troll. Frodo was unharmed from the stabbing as he was protected by the mithril mail, their sudden relief is replaced by fear as more orcs are approaching. Gandalf said that the only way out of the mines is to reach the Bridge of Khazad-Dum.

After escaping the tomb they were surrounded by a huge horde of orcs but they soon scatter as they all hear the roar of the Balrog of Morgoth. The Fellowship then hurry over the Bridge of Khazad-Dum to escape the mines but the Balrog has caught up with them. Gandalf takes down the bridge and sends it down to the bottomless pit, suddenly the Balrog grabs on to Gandalf by using it’s whip of fire.

The rest of the Fellowship manage to escape the orc infested mines and are grieving over the loss of Gandalf. Aragorn then takes charge saying they must make haste to the elven woods of Lothlorien before nightfall, as the hills will be swarming with orcs.

The Fellowship then arrives at Lorien where they take refuge under the Elven lords Galadriel and Celeborn. Later that night Galadriel shows Frodo her mirror where she shows Frodo a future where he fails his quest and sees the Shire burning and the hobbits put into slave labour by the orcs.

Meanwhile at Isengard, Saurman creates an army of Uruk-hai to track down the Ring bearer and bring him to Saurman alive and kill the rest of the Fellowship.

The next day Frodo’s resolve for quest is strengthened, the Fellowship were given gifts that will aid them on their quest and leave with their rowboats to go down the river Anduin. On the journey Legolas has sensed that something evil is chasing them along the shore and that was Saurman’s Uruk-hai.

The Fellowship travel down the Auduin and reach the ruins of Amon Hen, they set up camp until nightfall, but Legolas says that they must move now as he sensed Danger was coming.

Meanwhile Frodo wanders off into the woods alone however Boromir appears collecting firewood, but soon he was quickly corrupted by the ring’s influence because he wants to defend Gondor with it, he tries to take it from Frodo but he puts on the ring and escapes from Boromir.

Frodo then finds Aragorn who was tested by the Ring’s power, but unlike Boromir Aragorn has the will to overcome it. Suddenly Frodo’s sword has started to glow and Aragorn tells him to run, while the Fellowship is fighting the Uruks. Amongst the noise of battle they hear The Horn of Gondor which means Boromir is in trouble.

Elsewhere Boromir is trying to protect Pippin and Merry from the Uruks, but he was shot in the chest by arrows three times by their leader Lurtz, before he deals the killing blow he was slain by Aragorn but shortly Boromir dies after he had said that the Uruks have taken Pippin and Merry, Aragorn now takes a vow to save Gondor for Boromir.

Frodo then decides to travel to Mordor alone to prevent anyone else in the Fellowship to be corrupted by the ring, however Sam decides to come with him to Mordor and Frodo agrees to take Sam with him.

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli send Boromir’s body over the falls, Legolas suggest that they go after Frodo and Sam but Aragorn says that they are beyond their help now and they are not going to leave Pippin and Merry to torment.

So then Aragorn, Legolas and Gimili begin hunting down the Uruks,

while Frodo and Sam attempt to travel through the maze like rocky crags of Emyn Muil to reach Mordor.

So ends the fellowship.

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