Iron Maiden! Rocking the Capital City…

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The time is 6’oclock it’s Wednesday the 24th May 2017, DJ Slam and Jam are heading on a road trip to Cardiff with Shelley and Simon. The warmth of the evening sunshine and the breeze blowing through the Car windows, as we all discuss our favourite song of the legendary rock band Iron Maiden. Lizzie’s Time Tunnel Show is playing on the car radio as we entered the Capital City. Nearing the Motorpoint arena we could see the thousand’s of people queuing around the building all with a nervous excitement waiting to enter the venue.
The evening kicked off with the support act which was called Shinedown from Jacksonville, Florida. They quickly got the crowd going with songs from their playlists and during their performance they stopped all the music for a moments silence in memory of the people and families caught up in the tragic events at Manchester on Monday night.

After Shinedown finished there was a short break as the technical team and engineers prepared the stage for the ageing rockers to enter the arena. Instruments were being tuned and checked as the crowd began to stir, the numbers in the crowd were swelling with every beat of our hearts as we all waited in anticipation for the arrival of Steve, Dave, Adrian, Bruce, Nicko and Janick.
The lights went down, the roar went up as lights from the mobile phones flickered in the darkness. Suddenly the screens on either side came to life with an animation based on the Iron Maiden computer game, we all knew this was going to be two hours of some mean rock.

The lights went up and a lone figure was bending over, face into a cauldron of smoke, suddenly the unmistaken voice of Bruce Dickenson bellowed from every speaker in the room as he began to sing the opening song… If Eternity Should Fail.

He was soon joined on stage by the rest of the band, first was drummer Nicko McBrain. The songs from the Book of Souls album were flowing until the band mixed up tracks from across the decades, Wrathchild off the Killers album was first up, closely followed by Children of the Dammed from the Number of the Beast Album.
Simon soon came to life in his seat as the intro to one of his favourite Maiden songs blasted across the arena, Bruce came running on stage in a Infantry man’s uniform carrying a Union Jack. He stood waving it to the audience during the song Trooper off the album Piece of Mind.
Another song which gripped the audience and pulled the crowd in was Fear of the Dark, Simon’s all time favourite…everyone in the building sang along to the chorus. It was awesome.

As the show came towards its climax, Bruce came to the front of the stage to give a heartwarming tribute to the events in Manchester. Sadly and the nature of Bruce’s way with words we can’t put into print. It did make the entire venue erupt in applause.

The final three songs of the night were Number of the Beast, Blood Brothers and Nigel had to wait for the very last song of the night for his favourite song Waisted Years.

It was a fantastic evening, full of all the pomp and theatrical entertainment that you would expect of an ageing rock band who have wowed audiences of all ages across the decades.


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