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hi my name is Ethan im 15 years of age i attend st Julian’s comprehensive school.

i like singing and playing the piano,when im older my goal is to become a private music teacher

im a volunteer at energize radio ive come so far from when i started there it gives me a chance to do what i like make new friends and speak to new people being with energize also helps build confidence in performing energize have taught me how to create and record my own music and also teaching me about the background of radio.

when im not in school or at energize or practising my music i go out and chill with my friends i also like to go on adventures i would say im quite a creative person and like the creative element of all the different subjects at school


being with energize makes me think about the bigger picture and not just about now.being with energize ive gained a lot more respect for people and ive learned a lot more life skills from going there.




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